1. What sets GABE apart?
  2. a. Authenticity. There are lots of custom clothing companies popping up because opportunists realized they could get cheap, machine-made clothes in Asia. We make the genuine article the old world, high quality way in Italy. Our small tailoring team, consisting of our master tailors in Italy and Gabriele’s team outside of Philadelphia, can boast a combined one-and-a-half CENTURIES of experience.

    b. Fit. You won’t get a better fit for your money anywhere in America.

    c. Service. Our biggest innovations, besides the superior value of our semi-bespoke product, come in the form of our concierge-style service. We build expertise-driven relationships with out clients; get in touch with us and we will discuss how we tailor our extensive capabilities to your life.

  3. What is the difference between a concierge and a salesperson?
  4. Salespeople, often boasting fancy titles like “style consultant” or “professional clothier,” are the norm for the custom clothing industry today. They work on commission and their training usually covers basic measuring and style information specific to the products they sell. At GABE, we don’t bother with salespeople because they do not and will never replicate the experience of working with a true tailor. Instead, we assign a GABE concierge to serve as your primary point of contact. Your GABE concierge will manage your relationship with GABE, ensuring that our design and tailoring team provides you with efficient and personalized service. Your concierge is also responsible for developing your wardrobe profile, curating your personal style recommendations, arranging your wardrobe maintenance, serving as a resource for clothing care and information, and answering any questions and fulfilling any requests you have relating to wardrobe development, wardrobe maintenance, or anything else GABE can help with. The concierge model allows us to maximize the limited resources of our small and highly skilled team to ensure your experience is always exceptional.

  5. How does GABE enhance my lifestyle?
  6. We at GABE design, produce, and maintain a custom wardrobe to fit you as a unique body and a unique person AND we teach you how to wear it well. We thereby improve your life in several tangible ways. First, you will always know that you are appropriately dressed for any occasion. You will also know that you present yourself well each and every day. Second, your clothes will never be uncomfortable; neither restrictive, nor itchy, nor too hot or cold. Third, your clothes will always fit, meaning that you will always look good. Fourth, we stick with you. Once a customer, always a customer, so you can always call us with sartorial questions and needs; we will help with advice, quick tips, and new clothes as needed. No other company offers such a service. This brings us to our final solution: we save time and provide complete confidence and peace of mind by offering our expertise as an integrated part of your life. You never have to think about clothes again… not bad, considering you spend more time in your shirt than you do in your house, car, or office.

  7. What’s the value in a relationship with GABE?
  8. Over time, bodies change. So do lifestyles. Once you become a GABE client, we ensure your wardrobe will adapt to all kinds of changes, even emergencies, without any effort on your part. Whether you gain or lose weight, the construction of our garments allows for refitting so that you get your money’s worth. If you retire to a warmer climate, we’re there to facilitate the necessary wardrobe transition. If you have questions on garment care or style, your GABE concierge will get you the answers you need. Essentially, think of us as your loyal personal clothing valet. We don’t sell and run, we build a relationship with you and actively help you get the most out of your investment in GABE tailored clothing.

  9. Is GABE a traveling tailor service?
  10. No, but travel is just one way our concierge-style program makes your life easier. In contrast to tailors (some excellent, others frauds) you may hear about that visit different cities from their home bases in Honk Kong, Italy, England or elsewhere, we offer a robust experience that goes beyond the simple purchase of a suit, dress, or some shirts. We provide a concierge-style program that helps you more efficiently navigate your daily life. We don’t simply visit to sell you some clothes twice a year; we provide the knowledge, wardrobe, and ongoing service necessary to ensure that you present yourself well on a daily basis in perpetuity.

  11. Is GABE an in-office clothing service?
  12. No, but offices are often the most convenient meeting locations for our clients. It is important to realize that most “office tailors” or “custom clothiers” that may visit your office are really just salespeople. Consequently, they focus only on selling you as much clothing as they can and usually offer package “deals” to do just that. We do not employ a single salesperson. We offer a highly professional, concierge-style program that will help you develop your wardrobe and dressing habits, over time, to fit your evolving professional and lifestyle needs.

  13. Can individuals work with GABE, or just companies?
  14. Both. While corporate partnerships enable us to offer maximum convenience and some added perks to our customers, we certainly do work with individual clients in major metropolitan areas.

  15. What is the difference between made-to-measure, semi bespoke and bespoke?
  16. GABE produces all three levels of custom. It is important to realize that “custom” is a vague term in today’s marketplace. Make sure to understand what you are buying.

    Made-to-Measure means different things to different companies. Generally, it means that a stock pattern is altered to fit several key measurements (shoulders, chest, waist, sleeve length, etc.) but does not account for more subtle physical distinctions of the individual form. Our made-to-measure program adjusts for posture and asymmetry as well. Across the board, made-to-measure garments are constructed in full before delivery and thereafter can only be altered as much as ready-to-wear. This means that only minor adjustments are possible at the fitting, underscoring the importance of having a true expert measure and draft the order. Made-to-measure quality varies widely in the marketplace.

    Bespoke means that every step in the creation of your garment is performed by hand by master tailors. The time-honored tradition of bespoke consumes more time and requires more skill than any other method of garment production in the world, period. Bespoke involves multiple fittings in which a garment is “basted,” or held together with temporary white stitching that can be torn apart by the master tailor to make large and extremely accurate fit adjustments. With a bespoke garment, the fit and construction should be essentially perfect.

    Semi-bespoke is a GABE invention. True bespoke is, by definition, extremely expensive and impossible to scale. Our semi-bespoke achieves a fit nearly identical to true bespoke through beginning construction like a made-to-measure garment, but using basted fittings just like in the bespoke process. The advantage, of course, is that our semi-bespoke offers a fantastic value for money; essentially bespoke in fit, but closer to made-to-measure in price.

  17. Where do GABE fabrics come from?
  18. All our standard fabrics come from Italy. We also work with cloth from excellent mills in England and, per client request, from mills elsewhere in Europe. This is important because…

    There is a deep, dark secret in the clothing business; many of the world’s best-known luxury fabric mills have opened production facilities in low-cost countries. The custom clothing market is full of too-good-to-be-true deals as a result. At GABE, we take a different approach. If you want luxury brand fabrics, we are happy to tailor their true European-made fabrics into beautiful clothes. No problem. But we also offer fabrics of extraordinary quality from mills that have not spent millions of dollars marketing themselves. We at GABE believe that these mills, which are over 100 years old, represent a much better value for your money and carry their fabrics in our standard collection.

  19. Does GABE have a house style?
  20. Yes and no. What we really have is an understanding of how to create clothing that you can wear in your life. You won’t ever see us attempting runway fashion. We favor clean, naturally flattering lines without any excess bulk. We also favor intermediate proportions, rather than the relatively extreme (and often unflattering) choices made in the world of fashion. “Designers” make a living on shifting styles. We make a living ensuring you don’t have to bend to the whim of fashion.

  21. Why custom?
  22. For starters, because human bodies are not mass-produced to exact specifications. More importantly, no two people have identical needs when it comes to a wardrobe. Most importantly of all, the value of true custom clothing trumps the value of ready-to-wear in the long run because of major differences in construction quality, longevity of style, and future alterability of fit. A GABE Tailored garment will last well over a decade if properly cared for, whereas ready-to-wear has a lifespan of a few years at best. We don’t think that everything in your wardrobe should be custom, but we know that all your classic staples and everyday work clothes should be.